Is your current computer still running off of prehistoric software? Do you have trouble accessing your work from the many job sites you manage? Much of the software used in construction companies take up a lot of memory and need updated hardware in order to run smoothly. A hardware crash is inevitable under these harsh conditions and if you’re not skilled in backup and recovery data will be lost. Productivity also slows when important data is not readily available. Not only is our team well versed in construction software but is also accustomed to allowing the collaborative efforts needed in the industry to go mobile.

Mobile Security

Network Connectivity


Backup and Disaster Recovery

State of the Art Technology

Remote and Onsite Support

Is it worth the investment?

The construction industry encompasses several unique issues that only the right MSP can address. Between specialized software, collaboration with similar industries and a need for encryption and high secuirty, it’s vital to have an MSP invested in your interests. We have highly trained, specialized staff that will focus on your needs and are knowledgeable of industry standards.


New Technology

✔ We can customize brand new hardware to your specific needs. We will also install any software needed to optimize performance.



✔ Link networks by connecting various parts of a network to one another, for example, through the use of routers, switches and gateways.



✔ Some of the items we install and monitor are antivirus, firewalls, encryption software and password-security software.