At Winsor Consulting, we understand there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to technology. Our expert consultants will take the time to thoroughly understand your business and technology needs. We will craft the perfect solution to help you align your technology and business objectives for today and the future.

Network Planning and Design

WAN and LAN Design and Implementation

Server Installation and Management

Secure Wireless Design and Implementation

Storage Area Networks

Virtual Private Networking

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Email Management

Application and Desktop Virtualization

Efficient, Flexible IT Operations

The technological demands of today’s business landscape change rapidly. So do your business needs. Our expert consultants will help you make informed, smart decisions to ensure that your infrastructure remains agile and responsive. Empower the value of your business through technology.

Make the Most of Your IT Investment

Technology touches every layer of the business. Forward-thinking executives see the value of aligning IT operations with the business strategy and the critical role it plays in helping them achieving financial success.

Outsource to a Local and Trusted Partner

Winsor’s local team of IT experts ensure the highest level of service delivery through customized solutions designed to fill the gap of IT skills and coverage required to keep up with the increasingly complex technologies required to run today’s business.

Understanding Support

✔ Our experienced team of certified consultants is dedicated to your making your business 24x7. Our goal is your success.
✔ Onsite Support
✔ 24/7 Availability

Strategic IT Planning and Consulting

✔ Budget Planning
✔ Align Objectives to IT Infrastructure
✔ Continuous Assessment of IT Needs
✔ Analyze ROI on Your IT Investments
✔ Documentation

Infrastructure Management

✔ Patches/Firmware Updates
✔ Network Infrastructure
✔ Virtual Environment
✔ Storage/Network
✔ Backup/Disaster Recovery

Proactive Management

✔ SPAM Filtering
✔ Anti-Virus
✔ 24/7 Monitoring
✔ Server/Desktop/Laptop
✔ Update/Patch Management