Whether your company is just getting started, has had a major operational change, or is looking to evaluate it’s current sustainability efforts, a baseline assessment is a critical starting point.

The assessment allows you to measure operational performance, compare yourself to industry competitors, identify new opportunities and discover solutions for improved social, environmental, and climate performance. We will work with you to compile your sustainability initiatives to date and your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to sustainability. Our analysis focuses on ways to harvest and drive business value.

Assess Current Technology

Identify Current IT Needs

Recommendation of Improvements

Create IT Roadmap

Present Findings and Security Reports

Free of Charge Assessment

Who would benefit from an assessment?

Any business wanting a better understanding of their current IT environment.  Our free assessment provides a good understating of the current state of affairs for your network, backups, infrastructure, and much more.

  • Merger and acquisition or divestiture activity

  • System failures or security breech

  • An employee has recently resigned, and you want objective, 3rd party documentation of the current environment and the health of the systems

  • You have slow application performance, or intermittent network outages, and unsure of the source

  • It has been several years since an investment has been made in your IT infrastructure, and you want a prioritized list of projects that will deliver the greatest value with the least investment

  • You are considering using managed services to delivery some of your IT systems, and need an accurate inventory to obtain pricing

  • Leadership has asked for a benchmark of your current IT systems relative to cyber security threats and Cloud IT opportunities