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Microsoft Office 365 is beyond impressive. As the top team collaboration tool on the market, it’s no surprise our clients love it!

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the advanced solution to meet all your business needs. Outlook and Teams will help your company collaborate with no device limitations. Productivity apps, like Word, Powerpoint, and Excel remain up to date with the latest premium features. OneDrive and Sharepoint bring your team together in ways that can’t be put simply into words. The amount of ease combined with the incredibly advanced security features, such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Advanced Threat Protection provides tremendous help keeping your organization safe and set the standards for business email security.

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It can be daunting trying to understand all the nuances of Microsoft 365 and how they can benefit your workflow. We work to keep you updated on improvements and new features that are relevant to you.

Our Microsoft 365 Solutions

We provide assistance with the implementation of Microsoft 365 and can help you get the most out of your Microsoft service.

Phishing Prevention

Phishing is a virtual attack where cybercriminals try to steal personal information by appearing as legit, credible senders. With Microsoft 365, your organization can set up anti-phishing protection. These features will use spoof intelligence to review messages from senders and block specific domains when they are known threats. Machine learning works to identify potential threats and help stop users from even receiving messages that could be fake.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication for Microsoft 365 is a free and easy tool that requires two or more forms of identity verification when signing into an account or application. Users are prompted to enter a code after their password when signing in. Users will need to set up MFA on their devices – the easiest being via Microsoft’s Authenticator App.

Organizations with Microsoft 365 Business Premium can take MFA one step further with advanced features and settings.

Malware Protection

By default, M365 email accounts have limited protections against malware. However, additional protection settings can be enabled. Many organizations block attachment file types that are known to contain malware. Anti-malware scan engines work to scan incoming email messages for known viruses, spyware, and ransomware. If an email is deemed dangerous, the attachment is quarantined and can only be released by an admin.

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