Simplified Pricing With Winsor’s Managed Services Calculator

When shopping for the right MSP, things can get a little crazy. Even a rough estimate can be hard to find without downloading a whitepaper or talking to a salesman. That’s why we’ve created this Managed Services Calculator to simplify your buying process and hopefully help you understand what kind of expenses to expect.

Peace of Mind for one monthly fee.

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When thinking about managed services, the first question is usually “how much does it cost?”

To make it simple for you, we’ve developed a cost calculator that can give you a real-time estimation of what your costs might look like.


After you finish this, you’ll be able to view your instant estimate and a copy will be sent to your provided email.


The number one reason for outsourcing for 70% of companies is cost reduction, as outsourcing lowers the costs associated with hiring in-house staff.

Please note that these quotes are estimates. To see exact costs, including onboarding, implementation, etc. An on-site discovery & follow-up conversation would be required to ensure we include everything you need. However, this should give you a good baseline about what to expect.

What factors are included in our managed services calculator?

Managed more without the overtime. 

We get IT. Well-composed technology is vital for businesses, but trying to wrap your head around everything can feel impossible. Even figuring out how much you should be paying is a struggle.

Enter our Managed IT Services Calculator. We’ve created it based on our 20+ years of experience as IT professionals, creating and maintaining technology solutions for organizations.

IT Consultants Pricing

Paying to keep a fully-staffed, in-house IT team can be a substantial expense for any company. The cost of recruitment, salary, benefits, and potential overtime for multiple employees is a cost that most organizations cannot afford to pay. This is why companies everywhere are making the switch to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to handle their IT. Of course, one important question to consider is: How much do Managed IT services cost?

Not sure what option is right for you? Talk to us to find your best fit.

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