Do you have a plan if a cybercriminal hijacks all your data? What if a power outage corrupts all of it? Are you truly prepared for a disaster? In the manufacturing industry any one of these could be detrimental to the goods being created, the consumers purchasing and the people invested. Why leave any level of doubt when we have experienced experts that can ensure all data is backed up and safe.

Mobile Security

Network Connectivity


Backup and Disaster Recovery

State of the Art Technology

Remote and Onsite Support

Is it worth the investment?

Technology is constantly advancing and manufacturers have a hard time keeping up, let alone become the industry leader. Not only that, but as technology progresses, so does cyber threats. If hackers can breach a huge corporation’s data, what makes you think your data is safe? Our team is skilled in backup data recovery and cyber security. Not only will they install everything, they monitor it as well. No more sleepless nights worried about what ifs.



✔ Some of the items we install and monitor are antivirus, firewalls, encryption software and password-security software.


Backup and Recovery

✔ This is a fully managed service where you can customize your equipment before we install. After that we monitor and remediate for you.



✔ We will help build a financial roadmap that allows for growth. We can also show you how to review and analyze your own finances.