My IT Support Is OK, But What If I Want More?


As humans, change can be challenging. Therefore, we end up in a bank that gives us less than ideal rates. Or continue to set foot on the same uneven paving slab without taking action. Change takes effort. But sometimes change is necessary if we want to get the most out of life and work. When it comes to IT partners, it’s common to accept the status quo. We often hear the same words: “my IT partner is okay, I guess, they’re friendly, the rates are okay, we’ve been doing business for years.” If that sounds like you, maybe it is time to question whether your IT partner is doing you a favor or a disservice. Think of it from another perspective – how would you feel if your customers described your service as just okay? Regardless, you still want the best solution and safety net for your business.


IT Is Constantly Evolving

Undoubtedly, IT support is not a one size fits all situation. What suits a home-based start-up won’t have the scope to support a multinational mega-corporation, and those serving the top of the city are likely beyond the possibilities of the corner store owner. On the same basis, if your business has come a long way, the comfortable fit you had a few years ago may now look like a compression garment. Typically, the best match will have a maturity level equal to your own business.


The Right Conversations

Realistically, it has been a long time since a reactive attitude in business IT was sufficient. Instead, the discussion should have already continued to ask what could be improved, what opportunities exist, and how the technology could better align with the business aspect. Consider whether new ideas are regularly shared with you, whether you’re adding value beyond paying cloud subscriptions, and whether you’re getting ahead of your competitors and friends in the business world, or whether conversations at the weekend barbecue make you feel like you’ve left you behind.


Long-Term Thinking

No one has an infinite IT budget, so it may be enticing to cut a few corners or delay upgrades for as long as possible to save a few bucks. As a result, this may end up costing you more. False economies are felt by staff, especially when the workday is more frustrating, and their productivity can drop when they are constantly working on problems. Having the luxury of an expert IT support team on demand can take loads of stress off you and your employees. So when you’re starting to question whether or not that you’ve made the right choice, I think that statement speaks for itself. It might be time to find a better IT Management solution.


Talking to IT partners can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Time to explore business with the right IT Management partner.



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