Join us for online and in-person training events where we will present to you the best ways to stay protected. We hold events regularly to keep you updated on the latest developments and ways to implement the best security standards for your business.


Online or In-person Training

Present New Information You Can Implement

Recommendation of Improvements

Identify Security Best Practices

Answer All Questions You Have

Networking Opportunities

Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, minimizing downtime is paramount to your bottom line. Whether it is end user error, a virus, natural disaster, or any form of data loss, we will have you covered. As the pandemic is continued, our business continuity plan is here to help your business keep up after a disaster.

Incident Response

Whether the incident was IT or security related, our response is to any cyberattack or breach is to manage it so you don’t have to worry. After an incident, we are here to implement ways to reduce another incident from happening again.

Social Engineering

Phishing, vishing, and baiting are at the top of this list. It can be easy to succumb to any type of scam. At our trainings, you will learn tips on how to determine whether you’re falling victim to a cyberattack.

Training is Online or In-person

Due to the COVID-19, we have moved our events to online training meetings through meeting platforms to ensure your safety. You will not be shortchanged through our online presentations. We will give you the best tips to manage you and your company’s success through these difficult times.