Updating password through Outlook Web Access

 Outlook Web App (OWA) allows you to connect to your company's mail server via an internet browser. This guide will explain how to get there and how to use the system to change your password.

If the VPN is installed on your computer, please follow this guide instead:

1.Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome)

2.In the address bar at the top, navigate to your company's mail server. Typically, this is mail.company.com, where company.com is the site of your company's domain.

Note: If your email is user@company.com, the website would be mail.company.com

3.You'll be brought to the page to log into your company's mail server.

4.Fill in the following information:

  • Domain\user name
    If your domain is COMPANY and your login is USER, then enter COMPANY\USER

  • Your current password


5.You'll then be prompted to enter the following

  • Domain\user name

  • Current password

  • New password

  • Re-enter the new password


6.So long that the page logs you in, your password has been changes successfully. This password will now be used for the following applications:

  • Citrix

  • VPN

  • Computer (Once you're connected to your company's network)