A network assessment is a “check-up” of your network – all of your computers, servers, routers, printers, software, and users. Hardware is the backbone of your business and must be regularly maintained to prevent downtime. Did you know that 75% of SMB’s plan on increasing their spending on technology in 2022?


Never has there been a more critical time than now to have your security assessed for threats and vulnerabilities.  The first step to solving problems in your system is to know they exist.  A comprehensive network assessment provides you with a security strategy against cybersecurity threats including Ransomware, Malware, and phishing scams.

The motive for hackers isn’t always financial; they want your data as well.  Data breaches are rampant, often causing more damage than financial theft. Think about it – customers will lose trust in a business that doesn’t protect their information.


Cost Savings

Business owners are content when their networks are working efficiently and are running without hiccups.  However, when a business allows infrastructure to become outdated and doesn’t monitor its network regularly, it results in system vulnerability, expensive replacement costs, and decreased productivity.

Proactive solutions from a professional I.T. organization increase uptime, increase your productivity and your ROI.  Cloud computing and virtualization are two solutions that reduce your capital and operating costs.

It is cheaper to replace and upgrade infrastructure when it is not very outdated or completely damaged. Hence, prevention costs are often cheaper than maintenance or replacement costs. Therefore, businesses should do regular network assessments to save costs.


Create a Footprint for the Future

Successful businesses are those that plan for the future.  Through analysis of your network, I.T. companies can reduce your footprint through services including Managed IT Services that remotely monitor your system and save you money.  Having your own managed cloud allows for scalability and adaptability.  Virtualization provides better options for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Network assessments are not a luxury, but a necessity.  The recommendations from your network assessment will improve the productivity of your business and increase your cost savings.