Windows 11 Screen Recorder: New Snippet Tool Update

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Blog

Windows 11 Screen Recorder New to the Snippet Tool: Here’s How to Use It

Windows 11 Screen Recorder & game bar.

While a picture can convey a multitude of thoughts, a video can tell a compelling tale. Whether you are a teacher, content creator, student, or marketer, video is the medium of choice. With the newly added built-in screen recorder in Snipping Tool, you can effortlessly capture your actions on screen.

Microsoft has expanded the capabilities of this beloved app, making it simple to record, preserve, and distribute your Snipping Tool creations within the same program. To activate the screen recorder function, simply search and launch Snipping Tool via Search on the taskbar and select “record.” Your screen captures will be automatically saved to a default folder, removing any worries about misplacing them.

Need to quickly snip something? Here’s a nifty keyboard shortcut: Windows key + Shift key + S.

Step 1: Opening the Snippet Tool

To access the Snippet tool, press the Windows key + Shift + S on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can click on the Start menu and search for the Snippet tool.


Step 2: Chose the Screen Record Option

Once you have opened the Snippet tool, click on the “Screen Record” option. This will allow you to record your screen activity.


The Snippet tool allows you to record your entire screen or a specific area of your screen. To record your entire screen, click anywhere on your screen. To record a specific area, click and drag your mouse cursor to create a rectangular area.

Step 4: Adjust Settings

Before you start recording, you can adjust the settings to meet your requirements. Click on the “Settings” icon to access the settings menu. Here, you can choose the audio source, video quality, and enable/disable the microphone.


Step 5: Start Recording

Once you have set up the recording area and adjusted the settings, click on the “Record” button to start recording. The Snippet tool will display a countdown timer before starting the recording.


Step 6: Stop Recording

To stop the recording, click on the “Stop” button on the top right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can press the Windows key + Shift + R on your keyboard.


Step 7: Save and Share

After you have stopped recording, the Snippet tool will display a preview of the recorded video. You can either save the video or share it directly from the Snippet tool by clicking on the “Save” or “Share” button respectively.


That’s a wrap!

The Snippet tool’s screen record feature on Windows 11 is a great addition to the operating system. It is a user-friendly tool that allows you to record your screen activity with ease. Whether you are creating a video tutorial or recording your gameplay, the Snippet tool can help you capture high-quality videos. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can start using the Snippet tool’s screen record feature today.


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